Digital Music Observatory on MaMA 2021

Invitation for Digital Music Observatory

Open Data - The New Gold Without the Rush

Adding Value to Legally Open & Public Data

Digital Music Observatory on the MaMA Convention 2021

We are looking for partners in France for our Digital Music Observatory. You can find us in Le Trianon, in the JUMP Corner.

Crunchconf: Open Data, New Gold Without the Rush

Every year, the EU announces that billions and billions of data are now “open” again, but this is not gold. At least not in the form of nicely minted gold coins, but in gold dust and nuggets found in the muddy banks of chilly rivers. There is no rush …

Including Indicators from Arab Barometer in Our Observatory

A new version of the retroharmonize R package – which is working with retrospective, ex post harmonization of survey data – was released yesterday after peer-review on CRAN. It allows us to compare opinion polling data from the Arab Barometer with the Eurobarometer and Afrorbarometer. This is the first version that is released in the rOpenGov community, a community of R package developers on open government data analytics and related topics.

Open Data - The New Gold Without the Rush

If open data is the new gold, why even those who release fail to reuse it? We created an open collaboration of data curators and open-source developers to dig into novel open data sources and/or increase the usability of existing ones. We transform reproducible research software into research- as-service.

Music Creators’ Earnings in the Streaming Era

Our Digital Music Observatory contributes to the Music Creators’ Earnings in the Streaming Era project with understanding the level of justified and unjustified differences in rightsholder earnings, and putting them into a broader music economy context.

Analyze Locally, Act Globally: New regions R Package Release

There are numerous advantages of switching from a national level of the analysis to a sub-national level comes with a huge price in data processing, validation and imputation, and the regions package aims to help this process.

Open Data is Like Gold in the Mud Below the Chilly Waves of Mountain Rivers

Open data is like gold in the mud below the chilly waves of mountain rivers. Panning it out requires a lot of patience, or a good machine. I think we will come to as surprising and strong findings as Bellingcat, but we are not focusing on individual events and stories, but on social and environmental processes and changes.

Join Copernicus Climate Data Store Data with Socio-Economic and Opinion Poll Data

In this series of blogposts we will show how to collect environmental data from the EU’s Copernicus Climate Data Store, and bring it to a data format that you can join with Eurostat’s socio-economic and environmental data.