Reproducible Data Retrieval

In many consulting companies and think tanks, junior staff is downloading statistical data, reports, and other external information for later use. We believe that this approach is wasteful, error-prone, and creates huge unnecessary workload during the analysis and the supervision of the work.

Analysts usually spend at least 80% of their work with data processing steps: pulling information out from spreadsheets and resources, and try to match them. Data arriving even from respectable institutions such as the Eurostat or industry organizations need a lot of adjustment for unit of measure, regional boundary changes, decimal places, and various identifier abbreviations. These steps cannot be reproduced in a file-based, spreadsheet workflow, and they create a major bottleneck in senior staff supervision.

Our applications put the data from various sources into tidy formats (a statistical definition of well-formatted data that can easily be joined with other data tables), making sure that suitable unit and currency translations took place, the missing values are professionally interpolated, forecasted or backcasted, and the latest data revisions are available. We provide a one-point entry of well-formatted data for further use in your team’s favorite spreadsheet or statistical applications like Excel, OpenOffice, SPSS or Stata.