Reproducible Consulting

Reproducible consulting

Professionals in advisory positions, such as management consultants, policy consultants and evaluators, grant designers and evaluators, investment advisors or competition law practitioners must adhere to strict ethical guidelines, professional standards and audit by external organizations, regulators and courts.

We provide professional organizations with reproducible data applications. These applications make sure that users of our applications can produce their advice and evaluations in a way that is reviewable and reproducible – which is critical to make internal senior oversight efficient –, and remain confirmable and auditable externally.

Our data analytics applications are reviewable and reproducible, which allows independent assessment and duplication of our results. This is a guarantee of high quality and security: our apps create data products that remain error-free after validation, and during validation any errors can be safely and quickly corrected.

  • Reviewability means that our application’s results are can be assessed and judged by our user’s experts, or experts they trust.

  • Reproducibility means that we are providing data products and tools that allow the exact duplication of our results during assessments. This makes sure that all logical steps can be verified.

We are creating applications that are confirmable and auditable. These are usually required by the ethical guidelines and professional standards of our users.

  • Confirmability means that using our applications findings leads to the same professional results as other available software and information. Our data products use the open-source statistical programming language R. We provide details about our algorithms and methodology to confirm our results in SPSS or Stata or sometimes even in Excel.

  • Auditability means that our data and software is archived in a way that external auditors can later review, reproduce and confirm our findings. This is a stricter form of data retention that most organizations apply, because we do not only archive results step-by-step but all computational steps – as if your colleagues would not only save every step in Excel but also their keystrokes.

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