Our Music Observatory in the Jump European Music Market Accelerator: Meet the 2021 Fellows and their Tutors

According to the announcement of JUMP, the European Music Market Accelerator, after a careful screening of all applications received, the selection committee composed of all JUMP board members has selected the most promising ideas and projects to be developed together with renowned tutors for this 2021 fellowship.

For nine months, the 20 fellows living in many European countries will develop their innovative projects, while receiving a comprehensive 360° training. In addition to specialised workshops by highly qualified experts, each fellow will receive one-on-one tutoring sessions from the most renowned music professionals coming from all over Europe.

The 20 selected projects cover a great variety of urgent needs faced within the music sector. They will:

  • help fostering social change with projects focusing on diversity in the industry, more fairness and transparency as well as raising awareness on timely issues.

  • enhance technological development with projects using blockchain, immersive sound and VR and AR.

  • build bridges between different key actors of the ecosystem.

Download the entire JUMP press release.

Reprex’s project, the automated Demo Music Observatory will be represented by Daniel Antal, co-founder of Reprex among other building bridges projects. This project offers a different approach to the planned European Music Observatory based on the principles of open collaboration, which allows contributions from small organizations and even individuals, and which provides higher levels of quality in terms of auditability, timeliness, transparency and general ease of use. Our open collaboration approach allows to power trustworthy, ethical AI systems like our Listen Local that we started out from Slovakia with the support of the Slovak Arts Council.

JUMP fellows building bridges between different key actors of the ecosystem.
JUMP fellows building bridges between different key actors of the ecosystem.

Apart from our Demo Music Observatory the build bridges section Groovly with Martin Zenzerovich, From Play To Rec by Jeremy Dunne, Hajde Radio by Thibaut Boudaud, LowDee by Alex Davidson and ONO-HU! by Gina Akers.

Meet all the JUMP 2021 Fellows, including the technology and social change professionals!

Reprex is a start-up company based in the Netherlands and the United States that validated its early products in the Yes!Delft AI+Blockchain Lab in the Hague. In 2021 we joined the Dutch AI Coalition – NL AIC and requested membership in the European AI Alliance. Reprex is committed to applying reproducible in an open collaboration with our business, scientific, policy and civil society partners, and facilitate the use of open data and open-source software. Many fellows in the program are connected to other regions, like North America and Australia – because music is one of the most globalized industries and forms of art in the world! Reprex is a startup based in the Netherlands and the United States, and we are very excited to collaborate with our peers in new European territories, and in Canada and Australia.

Hope to meet you in these great events - maybe not only online!
Hope to meet you in these great events - maybe not only online!

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