Daniel Antal, co-founder of Reprex Was Selected into the 2021 Fellowship Program of the European Music Market Accelerator

Daniel Antal, co-founder of Reprex, was selected into 2021 Fellowship program of JUMP, the European Music Market Accelerator. Jump provides a framework for music professionals to develop innovative business models, encouraging the music sector to work on a transnational level. The European Music Market Accelerator composed of MaMA Festival and Convention, UnConvention, MIL, Athens Music Week, Nouvelle Prague and Linecheck support him in the development of our two, interrelated projects over the next nine months.

  • Our Demo Music Observatory is a demo version of the European Music Observatory based on open data, open source, automated research in open collaboration with music stakeholders. We hope that we can further develop our business model and find new users, and help the recovery of the festival and live music segment.

  • Listen Local is our AI system that validated third party music AI, such as Spotify’s or YouTube’s recommendation systems, and provides trustworthy, accountable, transparent alternatives for the European music industry. We hope to expand our pilot project from Slovakia to several European countries in 2021.

Reprex is a start-up company based in the Netherlands and the United States that validated its early products in the Yes!Delft AI+Blockchain Lab in the Hague. In 2021 we joined the Dutch AI Coalition – NL AIC and requested membership in the European AI Alliance.

Reprex is committed to applying reproducible in an open collaboration with our business, scientific, policy and civil society partners, and facilitate the use of open data and open-source software.