Live Reports

Our live reports are self-refreshing business or policy reports, regulatory filings, reports to repeating management board committees and other similar uses. They are also very well placed as technical annexes of lengthy, complex policy or consulting documents. They automatically update all charts, tables, data reference sentences, bibliographical and data citation annexes, making sure that your team always works with the best available data, and that all the documentation and presentation work is under reviewable, reproducible, confirmable and even auditable control.

Any newsletter, committee review document, regulatory filing that is periodical and is based on many data sources is a good candidate for our live reports. Complex consulting and research documents should be put on a reproducible footing even if they are not repeating, because the process makes documentation and validation fully automatic, saving countless senior oversight hours. Such live documents are very good candidates for re-use in later projects, too. Our Central & Eastern European Music Industry Report, or the Slovak Music Industry Report are fully automated and can be refreshed any time.